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Welcome to WooHoo Rides' Press Page! We invite journalists and media professionals to explore, write about, and interview our CEO Julie Green to help showcase the unique value of our high-flying company. WooHoo Rides is revolutionizing the party vehicle industry, making unique experiences more accessible and affordable for everyone.

About WooHoo Rides

WooHoo Rides is a curated online marketplace for all things "party vehicle." From luxury party buses and custom school bus party buses to limos, art cars, pedicabs, and even party boats and aircraft, we strive to make unforgettable experiences accessible to all. With a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we're dedicated to fostering progress while bringing joy and excitement to the world.

Our platform connects gig economy workers and party vehicle companies with customers seeking unique experiences. Party vehicles provide entertainment for groups, individuals, events, and spectators, often resulting in shareable moments that garner social currency online. With plans to expand our concept to space tourism, WooHoo Rides is an exciting brand poised to redefine the way people engage with experiences and vehicles.

Join us on our journey to make the world a more joyful place, one extraordinary ride at a time.

Contact Us

We would be delighted to provide you with more information or schedule an interview with our CEO, Julie Green. Please reach out to our press contact at the following email address: [email protected]

Media Kit

To assist you in crafting the perfect story, we've prepared a comprehensive Media Kit containing our company background, high-resolution images, and other essential resources.


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